What is Osteopathy?


Everything flows


Osteopathy is a holistic therapeutic method, developed over 130 years ago by the American medical doctor Andrew Taylor Still. The human body is seen as a functional unit, whose individual moving parts are harmonically connected to each other – thus, they “flow” together.

Movement limitations due to injuries, surgeries, or lifestyle affect the function of single structures, organs, and systems. Nevertheless, blockages and pains can manifest themselves in totally different parts of the body. For example, spine pains can be caused or influenced by problems associated with internal organs.

The aim of osteopathic therapy is not only the direct treatment of symptoms, but of the causes themselves. The osteopath’s hands perceive and solve blockages in the patient’s body, and thereby activate and stimulate its self-curing capabilities. Treatment considers together the musculoskeletal system (parietal), internal organs (visceral), and the nervous system (craniosacral), in order to restore a long-term balance among them.